Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas was Merry - And I Even Had a Nap!

We Did the Macarena
In Brief: Christmas WAS Merry. It started with a bang, as our own party got swinging on the 21st and hordes of revellers turned up with grog and dancing shoes. Hot Tip: If you really want to get your party rocking, invite some teenage girls. Tell them you're expecting everyone to wear a sparkly dress, and install disco lights.

Other Hot Tip: Don't clean house before a large party. Make sure the bathrooms and kitchen are sanitary, yes, but just pick up all of the other mess and clutter and shove it in a cupboard or two. Unless you have the whole previous week off work and/or a maid. Trust me, there will be plenty of cleaning to do after.

All the beds and the sofa and many bits of floor were filled with lovely sleeping cousins that night. I wish we could have put everyone up, but I can appreciate the value of a good hotel! I loved seeing everyone, and really enjoyed the pre-party cooking fest and the post-party breakfasts in many stages. 

Once we had got the party cleaned up, we packed our bags and headed to my sister's for Christmas. They are moving to foreign parts, so Christmas Eve was all about painting, furniture removal, and minor repairs. Christmas day was all about a lovely day with my brother-in-law's family nearby, where yes, I napped on the sofa in between the goose and the ham and the fifteen side dishes and various sauces and desserts and fudge and tea and choc. And then, we headed back to my sister's, for a spot more painting and some sleep. On boxing day it was more packing and repairs, my niece wandering the house saying "Bed! Gone!" and re-arranging heaps of stuff. 

We're home now, to offload a car full of stuff, adore the cat and sleep in real beds - Tomorrow, we're back to my sister for one final push and to load the car up with useful stuff. 

I'm grateful to my boys, for their helpfulness and good nature. There was no complaining despite camping out on the floor in sleeping bags and plenty of work to do. We're going to have such a lazy time next week. 

My brother-in-law's must-have
for the New Year
I will miss my little niece. She is just at that perfect age. When I stood in the sunlight on Christmas Day, the sun reflected from my sequined top in to the wall. She pointed at the dancing dots of light and said, "Oooh, FAIRIES!" Don't grow up too quick, little one.

I hope that everyone's Christmas was Merry and Magical. And best of luck to anyone planning great moves in 2014! 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a blend of happy and a little sad--what a cute child! FAIRIES!
And a disco ball party? Nan, you rock.

Nan Sheppard said...

Green Girl, it has been a whirlwind. Today I'm lounging in bed with my book to recover!