Thursday, 6 February 2014

I Need More Snot in my Life, Apparently

I really do believe that the Universe gives us what we need. I have this Optimism and Positivity that makes me smile even when CLEARLY I am deluding myself. Maybe it's a kind of insanity. I look at my bank account and make a frugal grocery list in my head, and remind myself that the car needs a serious overhaul, and worry for five seconds, and then I see stark icy branches against a black winter sky and think "Wow, I am so lucky to live in this beautiful world."

I have a really healthy lifestyle, not because I have some sadistic urge to miserably eat spinach after jogging round the park in the rain, but because I REALLY LIKE SPINACH! And running makes me happy!! Ok, maybe that sounds a bit sadistic. See how therapeutically self-aware writing can be?

OMG, pathetic I know. Despite my healthy lifestyle, hilarious friends, positive outlook and good genes, however, I have had every single cold and flu that I've been exposed to for the last year and a half or so. No, really. All of them. I had the Summer Zombie Bug, where my eyes swelled up; I had the Norovirus; I had vomity things, colds, snot LOTS OF SNOT! I SHOULD HAVE COLLECTED ALL THE SNOT! I AM SURE I HAD RECORD-BREAKING SNOT! sore throats, coughs, stiff bones and even a toenail fungus. I had a cough before Christmas, a vomity cold immediately after and now I am sick in bed three weeks later on self-prescribed chocolate, coffee, oranges and sudafed.

Kate thinks I need to do more 'Downward Bear' 
I went to my lovely local acupuncturist, who is also an MD, and he said "Yessss, your immune system is very low." I paid him generously for this genius inscrutable Chinese pronouncement - Although I have to admit the acupuncture and massage always makes me feel better. Then I went to my regular doc, who said she could find absolutely nothing wrong. I get sick, but then I get better without any antibiotics or other intervention, so my body is doing its job. I said that as a freelancer I can't AFFORD to be sick all the time and THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG!! So she sent me off for blood tests, insisting that some years are just sick years and I'd probably find that my immune system would reboot in the spring.

Both doctors said that my lifestyle could not possibly be healthier, although the lovely Dr Jung said that drinking a LOT of water and green tea over the next few weeks could not hurt. So I'm doing that.

So there you go. Whatever the Universe is trying to teach me, I'm sure I GET IT, ALREADY! And really, I need to get better quick, so I can go out and dance all night, and drink wine, and run, and watch the storm on the beach. "Rest" is dullsville.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Well, you try your best. Imagine how hard this would hit you if you weren't healthy to start with...

Unknown said...

I think massages every month does help! For the soul, body, toxins and mind! After having mine i would come out feeling ready to fight another day! Best money we ever spent!!!

Nan Sheppard said...

It's just been one of those years, I guess!