Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Frosty Nights...

The pumpkins and cukes need replanting
Some of my seedlings are ready to go out into the world, but the world isn't quite ready for them yet. We've had a spell of icy mornings, so upon my windowsill the plants remain.

The tall ones are pumpkin and cucumber plants, and the middle-sized ones are assorted wildflowers and cosmos and so on for the bees. The teeny tiny ones which are SO SWEET are the foxgloves. Apparently they are deadly to everyone but slugs. Go figure.

Fuzzy foxglove babies: adorable but poisonous 
I have more seeds to plant, but it's been too cold to spend a morning outside playing with dirt. Maybe this weekend, Max and I will sort them out. Gardening is a slow business, isn't it?

But then, so is anything worth doing.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

OH LOOK at your sweet little garden!
I'm charmed by anything green and growing right now. C'mon world, get yourself ready for these little plants!

FrancineC said...

Dropping by to say Hi. I saw your comment on Chookooloonks on her post about teaching children about beauty, and had to reply, plus drop by as I love finding other West Indian bloggers.

And it so happens I posted about my seedlings today too! Yours are looking great!