Tips for Freelance Writers

I've learned a few things since I started out, and I bet you have too, so let's share!

  • What is a Portfolio Career?
I was interviewed by the lovely Mary Cummings at Work Your Way recently, and we chatted about the reasons for working flexibly and why I have chosen a 'Portfolio Career'. "No-one has kindly suggested I get a 'real job', in ages." 

"He'd heard that writers spent all day in their dressing gowns drinking champagne. This is, of course, absolutely true." - Terry Pratchett, 'Snuff'
Grammar, spelling and apostrophes, oh my!
We are all flawed and broken. We have failed again and again. I would not change any of my failures for the world. My mistakes were my most important lessons, and the greatest beauty in my life came from them. 
Content mills are a brilliant idea, but they have come under fire from many professional writers and writing industry unions. They say that being paid little more than a penny per word is an insult, undermines the profession of writing, and encourages bad grammar and the proliferation of misplaced apostrophes. I have to say, I agree.
Don't assume that writing for kids is easier than for adults. It's a tough market, with some brilliant authors.
(BASIC Procrastination Tactics)
Flexibility? Professionalism? A sense of humour? Freelancing parents have got to have it all. Bonus: Why realistic deadlines will save your skin.
Interested in taking Procrastination to a never-before-seen level of epicness? (Hint: Read this blog...) 
"A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word to paper" - E B White
For mums, at Work Your Way: 'Make sure you have a good answering machine, and let it pick up. Nothing makes you sound less professional than having to stop in mid sentence to yell “DO NOT put that in your brother’s nose YOUNG MAN!”'
On why it's okay to not spend half your life doing social media marketing. Really. Go lie under a tree and daydream instead. 
At Work Your Way: More and more women are taking the leap into freelancing in order to be more flexible with their time and to be there for their growing families. But what happens when a new baby comes along?
Because, what the heck do I make for supper? Again? 

Freelancers are like swans. The world sees us gliding peacefully along, unaware of the mad paddling that's going on just to stay afloat. Are you a freelancer, artist or writer? Thinking of balancing kids with working from home? Got any questions or great tips to share? Pull up a chair, put the kettle on and comment below!

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