Monday, 7 April 2014

It's That Time of Year Again!!!

Me & Debs enjoying the Famous English Fog
Pic taken by the famous Trash Alou
Ahh, April. I hate you. Occasional warm-ish, sunny days make me rush outside and shout "Holy Crap, Look at these Tulips how Beautiful!!" And then down comes the rain again. You are fickle, irritating and make my feet cold and my laundry damp, April.

Despite April's best efforts, all is well here. I realise I haven't blogged about much except gardening and maybe the cat - This has turned in to THAT kind of blog! I haven't done much freelancing lately, and my life seems to be all about sorting socks, yoga, hanging out with visitors, deciphering my dreams, thinking and reading books these days. But I'm not complaining, after the hectic chaos of last year. My temp job is ticking along, and I'm trying to appreciate the long waits between decision and action that often happens in large organizations. I have a few lovely features to write for the end of April, and when it stops raining I can plant my seedlings and have my sunny desk back. So stay tuned!

"Oh you want the FOG! Well, there's no accounting for taste is there?"

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Frosty Nights...

The pumpkins and cukes need replanting
Some of my seedlings are ready to go out into the world, but the world isn't quite ready for them yet. We've had a spell of icy mornings, so upon my windowsill the plants remain.

The tall ones are pumpkin and cucumber plants, and the middle-sized ones are assorted wildflowers and cosmos and so on for the bees. The teeny tiny ones which are SO SWEET are the foxgloves. Apparently they are deadly to everyone but slugs. Go figure.

Fuzzy foxglove babies: adorable but poisonous 
I have more seeds to plant, but it's been too cold to spend a morning outside playing with dirt. Maybe this weekend, Max and I will sort them out. Gardening is a slow business, isn't it?

But then, so is anything worth doing.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

I'm Officially 'In My Forties', and So Far So Good

I turned 41 the other day. And so far, I can report that the forties are fabulous. I scrutinized myself and found that my grey hairs and wrinkles are more plentiful, so I spritzed that lightening stuff in my winter-mousy hair, which makes blonder beachy streaks when you apply blow-dryer heat and cunningly disguises the grey as 'platinum-ish'. My hair is summer-ready. At least, that's what I tell everyone. I also need to get my eyes tested, in completely un-related news.

My break from freelancing continues. Which means, no shopping sprees or Mediterranean cruises for my birthday. I have a freelancing return date though: End of April. I'm still working at the University so we won't starve. Except inasmuch as teenage boys are ALWAYS starving.

Meanwhile, I have a 30-day yoga challenge (self-inflicted) starting soon, two walls to paint (yellow, green) and much loved visitors coming for the Easter holidays. I've been running, sorting out cupboards, journalling and getting rid of clutter (And not to forget, the usual chauffeuring and cooking and laundering).

I'm spring-cleaning my soul. I'd like to jump start my creativity this spring, and spend the rest of the year painting in ALL the colours.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Growing Towards the Light

Wildflowers, Yay!
Our wildflower seedlings are starting to grow! I moved them on to my desk, where the sun streamed in all day. They are all leaning greenly toward the light.

Today was the first really springy day. It was warm! My visiting friend Debs and I went downtown and mooched around, laughing ourselves silly. We sat on the beach (Me getting as sandy as possible) and drank coffee. Debs said it was the worst coffee ever. I said actually, no, the worst coffee is at that petrol station on the A351 in Sandford and the SECOND worst is at the Obscura Cafe. Tomorrow, more visitors will pop in and hopefully lots more sun will shine. And we have really good coffee here, too.
What are these fucking plants doing
on my windowsill, lady? 

Although I suppose coffee quality is sort of a matter of personal taste. Some people like instant, even. I will try not to judge them.

I have got so little work done lately (ok, none at all) that my workspace is quite happy to be used as a seedling nursery. But Maggie is very annoyed. That's her spot. So tomorrow I'll send the seedlings back to the bathroom windowsill, purely because I don't think they could withstand the Wrath of Cat just yet.

I think she gets jealous because Max and I whisper sweet nothings to the seedlings whenever we are near them.

Despite not doing any actual paid freelance work, I have not been completely useless. I'm growing too: incubating creative ideas, writing lists, making schedules and jotting in my journal. I did better than most winters, keeping my work flow going right through to February before I really felt the effects of the lack of sunlight and my batteries died. I know that spring will bring enthusiasm and creativity and I'm going to be ready for it. This will be a growing year, in many ways.

Oooh, did you know about the excellent royalty-free images you can get from Getty Images? If you are a blogger and don't have your own library of images yet (you should, just get a decent camera and start shooting), you can get really interesting shots there. Getty is also looking at providing images that change the way we look at people. Looking at these shots makes me want to spend more time with my camera.

What are you growing these days?

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Meandering My Way Back to the Centre...

I'll be FORTY ONE this month!!!!

I'm pretty excited about this. A year ago, I almost didn't notice my fortieth birthday. My gran was dying (she died the day before my birthday), two of my dear aunties had been diagnosed with cancer, I got an expensive speeding ticket due to bawling my eyes out while driving (not recommended), I had a stressful job, I was exactly in the middle of a two year divorce battle, I began the year of snot, and winter was dragging on and on (as it is again). I felt old, tired, failed, anxious and disappointed a year ago.

Good friends staged an intervention and turned up with cake and wine for that birthday, so all was not lost. They made me laugh uproariously and turned my dramas into hilarious versions of events. In my fortieth year I received so much and I feel I gave little in return. I'm considering this year a do-over of the celebration of my fourth decade, ok? Good.

The lessons I learned, and the gratitude I have for all of the love and beauty in my life, would not have been possible without the battles and sadness and anger of that year. I'm stronger and better. I'm not easily fooled, but when I am, I forgive easily. I laugh often. I accept sadness and move forward. I'm constantly inspired by wonderful friends, authors and artists.

Last year was about survival. This year is about thriving. There will be running, and yoga, and journalling, and dancing, and gratefulness.

Today is Carnival Tuesday in Trinidad - I'm longing to see everyone's photos on facebook so I can forget the Dorset Drizzle! Of course, not ONE post or pic has appeared yet from the best street party in the world, because everyone's way too busy dancing. They've been at it since 4 a.m. on Monday. Tomorrow they will be hung over, sore, sunburned and wondering where their camera is!