Things I've Found in Pockets

Testing... testing... This blog is 14 years old. Have I documented 14 years of things we found in pockets here? Pretty much, yes, give or take a year. Recently I popped over here to check some admin bits and noticed that there is still so much traffic to this site. Thousands of people come here every month. Nearly 60,000 visitors in the last year. This says a lot bout the busy-ness of the internet, for a site that hasn't updated in ages. Some visitors seem to be looking for books, the lyrics to parang tunes and parenting advice (my main advice being, don't listen to advice). So in the spirit of not providing anything useful for teh internets, I present:  

Things in pockets: 

Bus tickets 

Slips from the wonderful library, telling me that I dropped back a bunch of books and picked up some more  

Sand (because some things never change) 

Headphones (because some things do) 


Lip balm 

A shell 

Wishing a harmonious and peaceful 2023 to all visitors to this site, whatever they might be looking for. 

Pic: Dorset