Things I've Found in Summer Pockets

Today, I swam in the sea. It's definitely colder than the Caribbean here in the English Channel, but it was delicious to float and gaze up into the blue sky and feel grateful for many blessings.

We have many beachy things in our pockets - sand as usual, shells, two sweet heart-shaped stones, wrappers from ice cream cones. Money, because cards don't work at the ice cream kiosk on the beach.

What have you got in your pockets?


Green Girl said…
I miss swimming in the ocean so much. We have the Great Lakes, but they are NOT the same--no salt! Do you think you'll become a cold-water swimmer? I read about them occasionally.
Nan Sheppard said…
Oh gosh I’m too spoiled from years of playing in the Caribbean Sea to become a cold water swimmer! I think I’ll save my swimming for July to September only 😆 We swam in lakes in Canada last summer and I was surprised by how warm the water was. They freeze solid in the winter as far as I know. I bet they do in Wisconsin too!