curly fries spelling

Max's gymnastics class is fun to watch, but I don't know how the coaches do it. What you got there is your classic bunch of unruly six year old boys. They are all bony, overexcited, and not listening. Is it that parents who have bony, overexcitable boys who don't listen send them to gymnastics? Or does gymnastics make them bony and overexictable? Is overexcitable even a word?

An hour later, when the bigger boys appear, you get more variety in shapes and sizes. Their unruliness has more of a pattern to it, and seems to involve using the mats to try wrestling moves. When they do get around to gymnastic moves, it is great to watch! I love it. Some of those boys defy gravity!

But oh, the girls. They tumble and twist, running along the beams like kittens, showing off in pairs, casually turning themselves inside out and upside down, and doing handstand push-ups like they have just forgotten which way is up.

Once the two hours of gym classes are over, our thoughts turn desperately to food! There is no way the boys are going to sit quietly in a car, in a traffic jam, on a Friday evening after gym is done at 4.00, so we usually hit the first food place we can find.

Max can spell all our names with curly fries, we found out this afternoon! While Chas and Sam stuffed their faces, he played. He takes playing with his food to a whole new level! Its the play with your food/revise your spelling activity! I just don't understand how 2 of my kids are voracious cannibals, and one can live simply on the air he breathes! He never gets any fatter, and I bet if I didn't feed him, he wouldn't notice.

Today, we will have our favorite: pancakes for breakfast! Max will eat a few of those, and if I mix some eggs and oats into the pancake mix, and slather them with butter, they may put some meat on his bony bones.

The last time I took Max to a checkup, the paediatrician laughed and said "well, ya know, small people live longer than big people!" I gave him a stern look and asked if that was really okay, or if Max needed fattening up. He assured me that Max is absolutely healthy, and that his height is average.

I must remember not to compare him to his brothers! Max is certainly not the skinniest kid around, just MY skinniest kid! I guess, whatever calories he eats, must get burned off when he dances, air-guitars, handstands, and jiggles his way through life.