the first post

Laydeeeez and gentlemen! I present a blog. This is so that I don't have to keep sending updates to everyone. Not that I mind! But your inboxes will thank me.

Unfortunately, I cannot paste pictures onto the blog using blackberry. I will have to try it at another time, when I am at someone's PC. Sean set me up on facebook, so you can check pictures there.Thank you babe! Makes me count down the days to carnival!

All of the posts below are from my holiday updates, which many of you already received as emails. Please ignore if so. Most of them are meant to have a photo attached, I will try and fix that.

I will be posting new stuff whenever I can come up with something that isn't "drove around. Worked all day. Cooked. Burned rice again. Yelled at children. Tired."

It is late, and the cat is purring very sophorifically. Is that a word? It should mean "in a manner which makes one fall asleep over one's blog" .


Victoria said…
Hey Kate! It's Vicks! Good to see you on blogger!