ghost dog

There is a dog who lives around here. He seems to be mostly lab, and mostly annoying. His names are blondie, brown-nose dog, strawberry, or "that bloody dog!".

He steals bait from little fishermen, and longs to play. Our kids don't mind, and he swims for miles, following them in the dinghy or helping to pull boogy boards around. Visiting kids who shriek and run to mummy are objects of great interest to him, and he clearly has never learned the meaning of the word "no!". He has the playful disposition and webbed feet of a lab, and, like a lab, cannot resist birds.

Scott and Rachel have two sweet lovebirds, and brought them down the islands. They are sociable, and walk about quite happily nibbling on people's toes. (my feelings about caged wildlife aside). The dog grabbed the birds, (both of them) and was high-tailing it into the bushes when he was intercepted by a panic-stricken Rachel, while Fatima screamed blue murder and someone started yelling "SHARK!". With all the commotion, no-one could figure out what was actually happening.

The birds were unharmed, just a little salty and drooly. The dog disappeared to sulk.

He is the dog we all love to hate.

I think he lives at the house next door, because the boat there is HIS boat. When it goes, he follows. He was swimming across the bay after his boat the other evening, as we sat and watched and said "that dog is mad". Suddenly Sheena said, "he's going under!" out in the middle of the bay, where the dog was, he now wasn't.

Sheena leaped into the water, and Chas and I started paddling after her frantically in the dinghy. We searched the water for ages, which was great exercise. We searched the shoreline. We thought we saw him at one point. Was that him?

That evening, everyone said kind things about the dog, and wondered if he made it.

The following morning, he turned up to great welcome, as we all realised that we love him. Now, his forays into the childrens' snacks are fondly tolerated and he gets bits of forbidden table scraps.

The next people who rent this house are going to find him more annoying than ever.