hangy-down boobies - the new fashion trend

Here's another blast from the past that my dear sweet Seanos just reminded me about:

I breastfed the 3 boys for EVER. I mean, I was a walking boob, 24 hour free milk. I got pregnant while Chas was still a breastfed baby, (yes, that happens!) and then got pregnant again the moment I weaned 18-month-old Sam. So I was either breastfeeding or pregnant for about 5 or 6 years straight.

When I finally weaned Max, my boobs shrivelled up like prunes, a mere shadow of their former luscious selves, and I felt very sad about it. I thought that was IT, I would never have nice boobs again. I was wrong, and they have since recovered nicely without the aid of a brazillian surgeon, but at the time I was devastated. Sean suggested having another baby, but I... pretended to be deaf.

One evening around that time, we were hurrying to get ready to go out, and so I jumped into the shower with Sam, who was 3 or nearly 4. He looked up at me with all the love in his heart and said "mummy, I just loooove your boobies!"

"awww, thanks sweetie, that's a nice thing to say"

"yeah, they're sooo soft, and hangy down. Like bunny rabbit ears."


Okay, I told Sean about it the moment I got out of the shower, and HE SAID!

"aw, I like them too babe. It's the lived-in look."

That was when I went to live in a cave. But after a while, I started to become more comfortable with my hangy-down boobies. I mean, Sean thought they were great, (at least that's what he SAYS, bless him) and the boys sure loved them. So what if hangy-down isn't fashionable? Maybe I could start a new trend?! Let's be proud of our hangy-down boobies, people! Soon, everyone will want some!


Anonymous said…
They still look great babe!