I love to watch children snorkeling. They glide and hover with such glee, in their own magical sky. It is a whole different planet there, populated by amazing tiny things and brightly coloured jewels which you can *almost* touch!

They bring handfuls of treasures into the air, which are somehow not as magical once they are removed from the water. They have to be put back, so that their amazingness stays real.

They know that a big green moray eel lives here somewhere: so little flowers that are so fun to touch and watch them close up quicker than a flash are safe! As long as they make their homes close to potential moray homes! Little caves are warily eyed, from a safe distance, until a pair of angel fish bigger than plates peep out to inspect their visitor.

Then the visitor takes off, with a great splashing and snorkel noise, till they are a safe distance away and the terrified angel fishes have retreated into the peace of their home. The snorkeler puts their head up and announces excitedly through their snorkel, "Mmu! MMU! Uhur, huuuh! Muhuhu?"

I say "wow, really? COOL!" because surely, it is totally cool.

We are down the islands for two weeks, and then we will go to Tobago. The children say "what, MORE snorkeling?" and I am longing to see their faces the first time they see that reef. It will make this one look just pathetic.