Last night, we went out. To a real, grownup party! We dressed up, and I even put on MAKEUP and real grownup SHOES!

The powerboat association's prize giving ceremony and cocktail pah-tay was great fun. (and was the reason for all the dressing up.) The Carib Girls were there in full force, dressed in some truly awful outfits, and speeding over to pose beside whatever racer was being interviewed/photographed. (chin up! Chest out! Hand on thigh, leg forward and slightly bent! Lean into the centre picture, and hold that trophy low!)

Rachel and I were impressed with the hideousness of the outfits the poor girls had to wear... Carib blue VELVET painted-on pants, gold tops. Blue eyeshadow.

(Sean says that standing in front of the fridge with the door open is so like reading the bible. You stand there reading the contents for a while and then think "why am I here?")

We left the pah-tay at about 10 o'clock, and hit Pabloz on Long Circular Road. That was absolutely brilliant, because a) I was looking fab in my frock and shoes etc, b) everyone was there who I haven't seen in ages and I LOVE YOU ALL! It has been too long.

Pablo and his band played really well (of course! Landy, Andrew Moffatt, etc.) and Sean sang "synchronicity" totally blowing me away. Then jointpop played and we made our retreat. My eyes were burning from the smoke, ya know. Sean could have stayed till dawn, but too bad! That is what going out without your wife is for!

My eyes were already stinging and tired, because in the afternoon we had had a FIRE! But it is the rainy season! This is not supposed to happen! It was not bad, but I still had to go deal with it. My cutlass is so blunt it could not have cut cheese, (would someone very sweetly, please sharpen my little cutlass?) but I raked back a bit and our neighbour came out to help with a brushing cutlass. I was very grateful, especially as I know they are fasting for Ramadan and I am sure that fighting fire in the broiling sun is not what he wanted to be doing. He is a great neighbour, and always keeps an eye out for the boys. Sean was heading to the airport with Max to pick Dad up, got in from the UK today, and Chas and Sam were "coming to help" but I very meanly made them stay home and do their homework. Anyway, we let a bamboo patch go up in glorious flames, and raked and cut back everything else while it burnt itself out. Hot, smoky work. So my day was really LONG.

When we got home from Pabloz, we told the wonderful Delises, our babysitter, that we loved her forever. Delises was Sam's other mother when he was a baby and I was working. She would walk to the workshop when he wanted nursing, and loves him so much. He loves her too, and hops on his bike whenever he has a chance to go up into the village to see her and help feed the pigs and ducks. (and, I found out, play the WWF videogame, strictly forbidden. Over the Easter holidays, Sam and Issa got into plenty of trouble for that. I wondered why they were so eager to ride 2 miles every day to "help aunty Delises"! And "play with Anil")

Anyway, I managed to tear Sean away from the wonderful Delises, so that she could go home to her own family. We eventually got to sleep, and this morning our wonderful sons set up a drum kit in their room at 6.30 made from containers, pot lids etc. And they played along with "best of queen" till we got up.

I am surrounded by rock stars.