The reason you haven't heard from me in so long, is because we are having too much fun. We have kept a close eye on hurricane Dean, and apart from one night of wind and rain from the south and a flooded kitchen, we have had glorious sunshine and blue skies. The sea has been pretty rough, so the kids have been watching plenty of DVD's, eating mountains of food, playing cards and having marathon chess tournaments.

Debs, Suzie and I have spent our time cooking, cleaning and doing laundry... Ha! Gotcha!

We have been playing scrabble. All week. With occasional spells of standing on the beach waving our special brand of sign language to the 7 little boys in the sea. We have signs for "go this way", "go that way", "if you don't move fast I will strangle you", "come in", "out! Big wave coming!" and "watch your little brother".

Max spent a whole day sitting on the beach in time out, for going out too far as usual. Why does he have to prove that he is the biggest and bravest? He has absolutely no fear. And he is naughty.

Chas has a big board for standing up, and is getting pretty good at it. Sam, James and Luke have boogeyboards, and they stand up on those and do all kinds of tricks. They start off all on one wave, and crash violently into one another. Then they wrestle in the shallow, and go off and do it again. Max wisely avoids them. Johann is afraid of the sea. He stays on the beach and looks handsome. Alex is a caution.

Meighan and Jojo are fourteen years old, and are pretty useful to have around! Jojo has brought her dog, Jayjay, to be our security guard. He is 6 inches tall, but if anyone smaller than that comes along, they had better watch out! He thinks he is a rottweiler!

Issa is not here with us, for the first time in 4 years? 5 years? He is with his aunty and uncle in Tobago, and we keep counting heads and missing him! Mikey is not here either, he has been way too busy. We miss him too! We miss Stephanie, and love her very much, but three teenaged girls would have been a recipe for disaster! We will have to all come back in September.
For Max's birthday?

Today we decided to build a bonfire to toast marshmallows. I struck about five matches before Chas said "oh, let ME do it!!" and he had that sucker blazing away in about five seconds flat. Ever had a marshmallow and a Vienna saussage toasted together on one stick? It is am experience not to be missed. Sand optional.

I have not been paying attention, and Debs has made two seven-letter words. I have to go redeem myself.

My score is still higher. Heh heh.