meet Mr. Bishy

Recently, I abandoned my youngest son, Max, at his granny's house. It was a school day, but he just wasn't in the mood. Mum offered to keep him and love him up a little. They are forbidden to call her granny, because she's not old enough to be a granny, and never will be. Okay? Okay.

So Max and Bunty spent the whole morning, in happy industry, making paper dolls. You might think that boys don't want to play with paper dolls, but let me tell you! Mr. Bishy, our hero, was the coolest paper doll ever! He had an extensive wardrobe of groovy clothes, hats, boots and accessories. He had a backpack and a cutlass. Soon he got married, and had a wife (Mrs. Bishy) with some dresses and her very own cutlass too.

Mr. Bishy has provided hours of entertainment. He is made of stiff card, with a nice face drawn by my Mum. Max can trace around him, and use that traced outline to make more clothes out of paper. He remembers to make a few tags, for the clothes to be attached, and cuts around the whole thing, expertly. Max is a pro with scissors! Then everything is coloured beautifully, in every colour of the rainbow.

It would never have occurred to me to make paper dolls for a boy, but there you go! That is what groovy grannies are for.

And to add icing to the cake, Chas and Sam think Mr. Bishy is very cool. He has the big brother seal of approval!


Anonymous said…
I "abandoned" my two at their granny's on Friday (and I do call her granny, which thrills her. Ha! Hardly.) and they stayed the night.

You should have seen her house the next morning -- it looked like a tornado of blocks, Noah's ark animals, duplos and crayons had hit.

Mr. Bishy is a great name.