remote controlled boat racing

Chas got a beautiful remote controlled sailboat for Christmas, which is his pride and joy. For his recent birthday, Sam got a gas-powered 52 inch motorboat, remote controlled. The boys are full of the talk of servos, gas pumps and other manly things. Sean is in his element as mechanics coach and cheering squad!

Unfortunately, all the pictures of the gas boat in action consist of the back of Sam's head, with a speck of foam in the distance. No photo can deliver the noise, the excitement, the action of remote controlled boat racing. Those things do 40-50 miles per hour, or more. Someone across the bay had one today too, and we ate their bubbles. Chas said they HAD to be doing 60. I said, "never mind guys, our boat has a cooler design on the side!"

They all looked at me like I was an alien. Clearly, our boat needs some serious work, and that means taking parts from the sailboat.

Tomorrow, we will be ready for them.