snakes in a car

There is a snake loose somewhere in my car. Why does this happen to me? When I told Dad, he laughed merrily and watched me search under the seats and in little cosy places with increasing amusement at my predicament. What, did I do this to HIM when I was 9 years old? No I did NOT! I brought home puppies, okay? Maybe the occasional bird.

We went to Santa Cruz to check out the flood situation after today's torrential rain. I had a word with Ricky, the contractor who is building some (most) of the houses in the development, about our drain. The boys and I got completely muddy up to our knees, and Max won the prize for "most red sand in shoes." Chas found a snake, who had climbed up our neighbor Jackie's wall to escape the flood. It was small. "a rare specimen."

I finished my talk with Ricky, and bundled the boys back into the car as the rain started to pour down again. My airconditioning is not working, so the temperature inside the car was about 400 degrees, and steaming. All the windows were down about an inch, to let some oxygen in, but mostly just raindrops the size of cricket balls were hopping in and joining the party. Sam was playing with a new pair of drumsticks, drumming along loudly to "moving pictures" from Rush. I was navigating the floods through a foggy windscreen, and pointing out the rivers that had broken their banks.

There was a serious lack of calm atmosphere in the car

Suddenly, I noticed a terrified snake escaping from Chas' pocket. I did not swerve off the road into the flooded river, thence to be swept out to the Caroni. I simply pointed out to my son that there was a SNAKE! SNAKE! DON'T LET IT GET AWAY!!

There is no shoulder on that road, okay? OKAY? And visibility was poor. I kept driving, and giving advice. Chas kept up a running commentary: "Hoo boy, he's quick! What could he gave been doing in my pocket? Okay, I think... Ooch. Okay. He doesn't bite very hard. I got him... No. Don't bite, silly! Yes! Got him! Aww, he's nice. Can I keep him?"

I glared at my son. "Do. Not. Let. Him. Go." I spat, in my least loving and understanding tones.

When we got home, I told Chas to get that snake straight into the aquarium, and he got out of the car, checking his pockets. No snake.

Okay? OKAY? Do y'all understand now why I get a little TWITCHY sometimes?? I hope that snake doesn't eat cookie crumbs, nuts and raisins, cause if so he's going to get real big, fast. Just thought you should know, in case you were thinking of asking me for a lift somewhere.


Islandgirl said…
Nan..I'll drive with you..never mind the snakes, manicou, elephants..giraffe..I'll take them all....nothing scares me!!! Except maybe 4 rambunctious boys cooped up in a back seat.... I'm thinking Savonetta car pool days here! heheh LET THEM ALL OUT AT PREYSAL BRIDGE AND KEEP THE SNAKE!!!!!!!!
Nan Sheppard said…
And SMELLY! You forgot SMELLY, sweaty, sticky! Isn't it nice that we can put each other's kids out? Makes a change...