teeth and eels

The last time Sam lost a tooth down the islands, (old year's 2005) it FELL through a CRACK in the JETTY! He wrote a long explanation to the tooth fairy, warning him/her about the moray eel that lurks there. Sam has lost many teeth, down the plug or "somewhere!" but the tooth fairy has always found them and paid him for them.

The tooth under the jetty was another story. The next morning he received a letter saying "dear sir, we regret to inform you that the tooth was held by a Mr. Eel, who refused to supply it unless paid $9.00 in cash. Here is your remaining dollar, with our regards. Messrs. T. Fairy, inc. "

Sam was absolutely furious, but ever since then any tooth that falls out is handed over to his mother with great care, to be placed in an envelope under his pillow.

Night before last, Sam's tooth, which he has been grossing us all out with for 2 weeks, finally came out. I put it carefully under his pillow and he went to bed early, dreaming of riches to come.

The tooth fairy DIDN'T COME! I advised Sam not to panic, perhaps he/she forgot? Maybe no water taxi was available? Last night, the tooth was checked, and Sam went to bed in anguish. He said if the tooth fairy doesn't come, he's going to set a trap!

The tooth was still there this morning. Oh, disaster! This has never been known to happen! Fortunately, before breakfast the tooth disappeared and some money in a very damp envelope was discovered under the blankets. It was PROBABLY there the whole time, Sam just missed it. All is well!