tobago 2

Sean and Dad just went on a reconnisanse mission outside, and report that a TREE has fallen near our sandcastle site. The boys cannot wait till morning, to go see. They are all in bed with their books now, so morning will come more quickly, and we have let our curtains back down. They will get wet, but if something hits the glass, we will be glad to have a curtain there.

Chas is reading Harry Potter 7, and he is not allowed to TELL! I have not read it yet, and I am enjoying the suspense. We have 2 more copies at home, and Sam and I will read it in Mayaro.

I have read some great books this holiday, which I recommend: Khaled Hosseini's new "thousand splendid suns", Gabriel Garcia Marques' "love in a time of cholera", short stories by Laurie Lee. Max is reading the "little bear" books, which are so lovely. Sam is voracious. "Tom Sawyer" he finds hilarious. The original "doctor doolittle" is old-fashioned, but he loved it. Chas was reading "the fellowship of the ring" but has cast it aside for Harry.

Good thing we are readers, with weather like this.