tobago 3

The storm raged for most of the night, and the scene of devastation truly impressed the visiting tourists... Especially a couple who had, incredibly, slept through it all.

Trees and branches were all over the beach and walkway, there was a small landslide beside the diving shop, and shingles from the roof were all over the back lawn and parking lot. By about 6.30 in the morning, chain saws were at work, and I was really impressed by the speed of the clean-up! Later in the morning, guys were already on the roof doing repairs up there, though the poor maids had a hard time getting through all of the rooms. Every porch was covered with splintered wood and sea-grapes and leaves, and many rooms were flooded. The beach has been all gouged out by the waves, and rocks are exposed. The sea is BROWN and NASTY!

Max went early to see what he could find, and came back saying that he had rescued 2 baby turtles. His brothers rolled their eyes, and I said "mmm hmmm?" Max is famous for tall tales, and I have been giving him cautionary speeches about Little Boys Who Tell Fibs.

A short while later, Max appeared again with a baby turtle! "SEE?!" He said that they were washed up and lost on the beach, and he thought he should put them quickly into the sea, behind the waves. Poor things, they were probably hatched during the storm.

We observed our baby for a while, then put goggles and snorkels on and followed him out to sea. Boy could he swim! Max said that one of the others he had released did not swim very well, and Max was concerned about him. Our baby could hold his breath for a long time, bobbing up to breathe and then going along deeper where the seagulls couldn't reach him. Finally, he waved his flipper merrily to Max, and we saw him disappear into the murk. Max then rescued a number of small fishes, moths and other insects, and a dead pipefish.

The sea has remained brown, but there are occasional sunny periods. Blue Waters Inn is lovely, and I would recommend it to anyone, but avoid the restaurant food and stick to the bar menu! And try to go when it isn't going to rain. We are heading back home now, on the Tobago ferry, which is packed to capacity. Here ends the Tobago experience!