This is a really important picture, because I am in it! Yes, those are MY feet there in the corner. And in fact, my feet made it into every single shot of the building and destruction of this sandcastle. All 735 of them!

That was yesterday, and today we built an even BIGGER one, along the lines of Minas Tirith. It is the wonder of speyside.

My wonderful blackberry, which I have said so many nice things about, has just dumped the last week's emails. All of them. Backstabber!

Never mind. These things happen.

At the moment, we are having a hurricane. Sean is on the phone to p
Piarco, asking what the...??? The generator here in blue waters inn is bravely chugging on, with occasional dips and cuts. Every time the place goes dark, the kids say "YAY!" and we groan. Mum is washing the dishes, for something to do. Dad is telling stories of storms of olde.

Water is coming under the door, so all of the hotel's towels are there, blocking the flow. Our ears keep popping, with sudden pressure drops. Our sandcastle cannot possibly have survived this, which means that tomorrow we will have to build another one!

If we survive the night, that is... I will send this now, in case we float away on the storm...