we interrupt this blog...

We interrupt this blog with a NEWS FLASH!

Remember Peepikeep? Our manicou? Well, he was an escape artist and spent his days hidden SOMEWHERE in the house. Every night he would break into the hamster cage we had set up for him, eat, hang out with whoever went to check up on him, and then break back out again. The cats never caught him, and we haven't seen him in a while. He has moved on.

We would know if the cats had caught him, trust me. There would be bits of regurgitated manicou everywhere.

Last night, small puss (Lulu) brought in another one, but this one is really a baby. I held him till he stopped trembling and warmed up a little, and then he crawled up my arm and into my hair, where he held on for dear life and went to sleep. I left him there while I emptied the felt pens out of a big cracked rubbermaid container, and poked holes in the lid.

This is a manicou SUITE, people! Can you imagine the extreme cuteness and helplessness that would make me destroy a rubbermaid container? Oh, he is adorable. His eyes are black and beady, his tail is long and curly, his ears crinkle and uncrinkle, and he is sooo soft! How can something so cute grow up to be so amazingly ugly?

His name is "Patrick Man-icou", "Curly" for short. There is no WAY he is escaping from that container! He eats banana, pumpkin seeds and hard boiled egg yolk, and his poop smells like banana. I hope he does okay, I really think he needs a mommy manicou, but we will do what we can for him till he, too, is ready to face the big world.