a bad oyster

Sorry to have been out of it for so long, my fans! Unfortunately, I have had a massive sense-of-humour failure.

Nothing is funny, when you have had a bad oyster. Yes, folks, even though I do know better, I had some roadside oysters in Chaguanas, and all my sense of humour, and mostly everything else, has come out my ass.

Maybe, when I feel better, things will amuse me again!

On another note, my cousin Lorraine maried Selwyn - her guy of 15 years and father of her two children, in a lovely ceremony and garden party in our backyard on the weekend. Here's wishing them MORE blissfull and productive years! When I saw Selwyn before the ceremony, I went to hug him and accused him of looking nervous. His knees were knocking together! He was pale and sweating! I have never seen Selwyn, who usually looks like a statue of an Ethiopian prince, look so wobbly. I told him, "hey! Its just a big party, then life goes on as usual!" and he said he'd try to look at it like that. He is a sweetheart. They were married by "Swamiji" an Indian swami who made sure that everyone was blessed. We each got a mala, and there were a ton of kids running around. They had a blast!

I wish them well. Their beautiful children are so happy!


Anonymous said…
This is me deeeeeeeee-lurking! For De-Lurking Day!

"He was a bold man that first ate an oyster." -- Jonathan Swift (1667 - 1745)

I mentioned you in my Thursday 13, by the by. So now the whole Internet will come here to find out about, uh, your situation. And the wedding!