bloggy love

Well, I know that people are reading this blog. What do you all think? What would you like to hear more of? Less of? Gimme some feedback, people! Usually the only hint I have that someone has read anything is when they look dubiously at my car before getting in and say "um, didja ever find that snake?"

What is your favorite post? I know I have favorites. Am I allowed to admit that, or is it like children? Ha, kidding about the children. I have one to suit every different mood: hyper-energetic, snuggly, and test-my-limits. I know people who have favorite children, but I have only managed to have a sort of "daily favorite" so far, depending on the prevailing winds.

Click on that "comments" button, people. (or person?) give me some comment love! Make this interactive!


Anonymous said…
If it's comments you want.. it's comments you shall have! My personal favorite was the bunny ear boobies :) Hubby and I cudnt stop laughing at that one... only my laughter was tinged with a modicum of fear that this too was in my very-near furture.

You make mommyhood less scary :)