brasso seco

It is 5.45 a.m. And the kids have already sprung out of bed, knocked their boots out and taken off.

Last night Kelly showed them some pictures of a deadly coral snake that Peppy, a neighbour, had knocked out of his boots. So knocking boots out is no longer the "cause mom says I have to" chore. It has taken on a manly and serious tone.

We picked up Kelly with Khalil and Kamala (aged 5 and 18 months) in Arima. On the way here, up the windy Arima-Blanchissuese road, we got behind an adventure! There was an enormously long flatbed truck doing SLOW, followed by a backhoe. When the truck had to get around those tight bends the backhoe picked up its tail end and moved it sideways. Eventually, the guys in charge realised they could go no further. The boys were walking by then, running ahead to the truck driver and giving and taking advice and encouragement. Of course, not all the drivers in the line of traffic behind us were having such fun.

We got back the report that they would let us pass, and then they would turn the truck around. So we waved merrily and wished them luck, but we figure there must be a flatbed truck dangling off a precipice on the Arima-Blanchissuese Road, all now so.

The community has just put up a website, which is still just in the beginning stages. You can check it out online already, at :

Well, I had better crawl out from under this warm, toasty blanket and go help Kelly in the kitchen. Khalil and Max have already had a battle of wills, and are never speaking to each other again. Oh, look, they are playing happily together... Would ya look at that!