good news and bad news

OY, loved ones and erstwhile others!

I am not at work. And I had to cancel two SERVOL lectures for today. Why? I will give you a hint: four wheels, and NO steering! If you guessed that my car is still not working, well by golly you are such a good guesser.

Oh yes, this is the same car that caught fire with Sharon's son Mikey asleep in the backseat.

So I borrowed Dad's L200, and muscled my way to school to drop the boys off, then came back home. The dog acted like she had not seen me in weeks, and has not left my side all morning. She is farting in the worst way, or I would be touched.

Apart from the obvious irritation and worry of my car, I have had a great week so far:

*My tiles have fired beautifully. I will be installing them this week, if the rain will just hold up for five minutes!

*I WON the voting over at GNM Parents! I am pretty surprised, and I feel really good about it. The post that won is called "Toddler Repellant" and it was pretty funny, but I would never have thought I could win a writing thing by blogging on a Blackberry. So thank you, to everyone who voted, and I will try to keep posting something every day to keep you entertained. To check out GNM Parents, follow this link:

They are full of great parenting advice and other good stuff.

*And the best news of the week: I am heading to Texas with Sean, when he goes next month to do his flight simulator training. Hooray! I am SO EXCITED!!! Wal Mart, Grapevine Mall, here I come with wads of cash! I plan on doing all of my Christmas shopping. Plus other shopping. SHOPPING! We should leave on the 8th, and come back on the 12th, which means missing Divali. Which is okay, because it means that the boys have a long weekend with my Mum and Dad. All parties involved are thrilled. In fact, this morning the boys were asking me, "when are you going, already?"

Mum and Dad will need a major vacation after this one!


Karen said…
Have a great time! Sounds like you deserve to get away for a while.