Halloween sweeties

Last night, 6.00:

Me: "Hey, Chasbo? *WINK*WINK* Max? It is bedtime. Let's go read a story."

Max: looks at Chas for reaction.

Chas: (Stage Acting) "aww, Mooooom, it is SO early!"

Max: "Yeah!"

Me: "I know, sweeties, *WINK* but you guys had some late nights recently so you jump into bed now. Go on, Max."

We read a story in Max's bed, and then I kiss them both and tell Chas "off to bed now, sleepyhead!" I stay a minute more with Max, and he really is tired. Give him extra kisses, and say goodnight. Sam is finishing up some homework (he and Max share a room).

Max thinks that Chas has gone to bed too, so he happily drops off, one HOUR early! Chas is in the kitchen helping Sam finish his homework. Chas totally "gets" the whole plan, and is thrilled to get Max out of the way so early. Now that's communication, people!

Homework is finished quickly, and everyone goes to bed.

I am so overcome with love for my sweet children that I painstakingly make stuffed eggs that look like Halloween eyeballs for their lunchkits for today:

1: Make stuffed eggs.
2: Put "bloodshot" lines using ketchup, with a pointy knife.
3: Cut olives in half, and use them as irises.
4: Hide evidence. (this is meant to be a surprise)
5: Write "I am LOOking at you!" with googly-eye O's to stick on containers.

I am a genius.


Karen said…
Great plan! I tried that several times but the older boy is always tired enough to fall asleep as well. This is great for me but not great for the plan. He's aware of what happens and doesn't like to cooperate.