I? am a genius!

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Yes folks, I have been nominated for somethingorother. This is so cool, because: Today, my power steering failed and I was almost sent careening off of a precipice along Lady Young road. This was AFTER I gave a one-hour breastfeeding class in Beetham Estate life centre, where I should have arranged to have said car stolen. There were seventy teenagers squeezed into a small, unairconditioned room and it went really well but I am TIRED. Then, my dear sweet children brought home a kitten who just crapped on my blankie ON MY BED. While I was lying there. Okay? Tomorrow, I should be more coherent.

Beware of French cars! Buy Japanese!


Karen said…
What a day. But it's gotta get better!
Anonymous said…

I need your help. My wife and I spent a couple days with Carl Fitzjames and Kelly last year and we do not have any current contact info for them (e-mail or phone). We are trying to return for a visit to Brasso Seco. Can you help us? Thanks,

Michael and Cyndy Murray