more hiking memories

Max found a great walking stick on our hike, which was MAGIC! It made him faster! Tip: always find magic walking stick for slowest walker. Max used his stick to "change gears" going up hills, complete with 4WD sound effects.

Khalil and Max have a very funny relationship: they are both bossy and like to be IN CHARGE! Well, we were in Khalil's forest, after all, so surely he should have some say in the RULES. Max, however, feels that he is SO much OLDER than Khalil, who is STILL ONLY 5, and Max is, like, 6 and hardly ever gets to be bigger than anyone! At one point, Khalil became so infuriated with Max that he gave Chas a stern look and said "Chasbo, next time you come, please leave your little brother at HOME!" Chas just grinned at him and said "okay, Khalil!" 5 minutes later, Khalil and Max loved each other again.

My knee still hurts, when going up and down stairs.

Sean is on nights. Hey, wait a minute!! Wasn't I supposed to get a massage? Ha! Foiled again... It's the old "you squeeze my feet tonight and I'll squeeze yours tomorrow" when you're not going to be home tomorrow trick!!

I can't believe it!

Kamala is convinced that I understand everything she says. I suppose when you are one and a half, that's just the way it is, and I am sure her family understands her! She got quite cross with me at one point, because I was supposed to help her find something... But what were we looking for? I will never know.

The flatbed truck, which was going to get turned around? Well, they did it! I wish now that we had stayed and filmed that. If we had a camera...

I really really need a great camera. I took so many pictures with my phone, but missed a lot. And I need a computer! And a foot massage, darnit!