oyster update

Hello y'all, just checking in with and oyster-incident update. I feel better! Longing to eat a set of serious food, but will refrain from annoying my insides just yet. On Monday I thought I was all better, so I had a piece of chicken. I wasn't better. So now I am on a diet of plain oatmeal, bananas, and other boring stuff.

Many thanks to all my great friends and family who have stopped me in the street, texted, and called to laugh at me and tell me what an idiot I am for eating those oysters in the first place. Your concern is so touching. Thanks also to certain people who pointed out that I really didn't need to get any skinnier. I am now officially "magga".

Don't worry. Eid is next weekend! I will fatten up on curry everything! Oh, the culinary bliss that is Eid! The boys have been talking about it: will there be a cricket match? Football? Both? A whole cooler full of roti? Will Issa be there? Will Aunty Saadia make coconut icecream?

Till then, I will be good to my belly, gradually strengthening my digestion so that I can safely tackle Aunty Fee's curry duck!!

Special, special thanks to my handsome knight in shining armour, who has tolerated my grouchy sick self all week and taken care of me! Also to Debs, who let me sleep all day at her house and didn't tell me what a dummy I am.

And now! Back to work!

Oh by the way! We will be hiking in Brasso Seco on Sunday. (easy hike) Call for details.