thank you, my fans!

Well hello and hi, to my HUNDREDS of fans! Oh wait... That's ONE fan! Well okay, make it two. I know things are rough at the office, Shar. Lynn, if you are out there, I hope you realise the deficit to the world wide web that has been caused by your abandonment of Sharon to solo office management! They are suffering over on facebook!

Having two fans is great. Now that I know that nobody else loves me, I can write whatever the heck I want with no fear of recrimination. For example, "Debs is a lousy friend, never there for me when I need her, and her lasagne is just not even edible. And! Cheats at scrabble, (hello? How many people do we know who can make THAT many seven-letter words? If I could just figure out how she does it!) and always wanting to go to Mayaro. I mean, can't a person be left in peace to stay home and darn their poor husband's socks?"

Hey, if I tell Debs I have bad-talked her online, maybe she will log on. More fans!

Hmm, I have just written myself into a predicament.

Do you think if I go over there with pizza later, I can talk myself out of this one?


Anonymous said…
Well that was interesting..... I guess my only reply to being such and aweful friend is, Its true..... Good blog. Ha... still not going to easy you up in scrabble...nice try!