writer's blogk

I am sitting on my studio steps, LOCKED OUT because my keys? Are in my pardon-my-french CAR which is still having it's pardon-my-french steering pump replaced. Hopefully the wonderful and talented Hazel will be here soon, with her keys, as I have a big job to FINISH! That's right I said FINISH! This week! Whoo hoo! Six feet by two-and-a-half, it has been taking up all of my workspace since mid September. So I am just thrilled!

In other news, I have NOTHING to write about. When I knew that nobody was reading my blog, (okay, besides Sharon and Theresa) (and Vicks) (okay, and yeah, a few other people) I could wax creative several times a day about the silliest things, and give myself the giggles. It was all about me, okay?

Now, I can't think of anything. Cold feet. Stage fright. Writer's blogk! So y'alls just stop reading my blog, okay? You can leave comments and stuff though, that's totally groovy. I love your comments! I wish I could email everyone individually and say "thank you!" , and I know that it is possible to do so because I have had replies to comments I posted, but I use my blackberry for everything. And blackberry doesn't DO everything. It is a wonderful tool, and does plenty, but the whole site isn't visible or available to me here.

Maybe, Santa will bring us all a computer for Christmas! (hi, Santa! Love you!) then I can be more adventurous, and have a spell check and be able to SEE my posts properly and stuff! And post pictures!

Especial thanks to anyone who said what a great parent I am. Please tell my kids. Last night, the boys showered and Chas and Sam settled down to do their homework. Max and I hopped into bed with a story and a snuggle. When I left Max (with a kiss in each hand, just in case we might need it later), I went to sit with the big boys while they finished up their homework. Did I say finish up? They had not even started. There was a party going on in the kitchen, complete with snacks. I was pretty annoyed. "well, buddies, bedtime is in fifteen minutes, so you had better get a move on".

"WHAT!?! We can't do all of this in fifteen minutes!" they cried, incredulously, like I must be a mad woman or something.

Being a mean and evil mother, I snarled, "you have had plenty of time. This is not my problem. I am tired, and you are going to bed at bedtime. Not later."

So at bedtime, they packed up and went to bed. Muttering. I went to bed early too, and slept the deep sleep of the innocent log. This morning, POOR Chas and Sam had to scramble to finish their homework. They got it all done, and made it to school in the NICK OF TIME!

It was all my fault, right? But tonight, you know how quickly that homework will get done, don'tcha? Yup.

My brother has a photography blog,


And he is jealous that MY blog got mentioned at all in anything. To him I say "nya, nya nya, nya nya!" or better yet, "so, so, suck your toe, all de way to mex-i-co!" YAY for sibling rivalry!

My uncle Pat also has a blog, and he says he has been trying to get famous for ages, and it's not fair:


Other friends and family have pointed out that I am Thora O'Connor's granddaughter, so naturally I would be a talented and wonderful writer. THAT is touching, thank you. She was... Well, that would take up a whole post, and I need to be able to cry and stuff while I write it.

So, stay tuned.