accentuating the negative!

Just to tell you, the cat (Frankie) is here licking his balls -or where they would have been if he still had any- and kinda snorting into them. I just kicked him off the bed, but he came back. I mean, what is that??

Leaning towers of dirty laundry, folded laundry, stuff to iron, dust, dishes, books and dog hair are threatening to engulf me. I have to sort of duck when I walk around the house.

A chicken (rooster) spent the weekend camped out in our bedroom, while we were away. He had some major fights with himself in the mirror, knocking stuff down and shedding feathers with wild abandon.

I am swamped with work. This is a good thing, of course, but my enormous job is still ongoing and taking up work space due to a colour accident and general dotishness on my part. I have no one to blame but myself for that one. An expensive mistake. But being fixed, and nearly done.

There is dirt on the indoor stairs. I mean, clumps of dirt. No-one knows where it came from.

I have found fishhooks stuck in the doormat. THAT one, I yelled and carried on about, and threatened to confiscate all fishing rods and accessories forever. We are a barefoot family, and I do not relish the idea of spending the evening at Couva Health Facility having a fishhook removed from anyone's foot.

I have had two pieces of fine wire stuck in my feet today. Chas said "not me! The fishhooks was me, but I wasn't using wire, that was somebody else!"

The boys forgot various textbooks and copy books and could not do all of their homework, and they are stressed about that. Poor them, my heart bleeds.

They also ALL got sent to the principal's office today, along with about 12 other boys, for jumping and climbing on the gymnastics equipment BEFORE SCHOOL EVEN STARTED! Way to go, guys! A bunch of 9 to 12 year olds, and Max.

When I asked Max why he was doing that, when he knows better, he looked at me very seriously and said, "the older children were setting a bad example and encouraging me." I can just imagine the speech they all got in the office!

Spiders, (small ones!) are building an apartment complex in the bathroom and moving their foreign relations in. I am thinking that "termite death" might be a good deterrent, what do you think? That stuff deters me! Oh, move to a hermetically sealed, centrally-airconditioned apartment? Great idea.


I promised myself I would get 8 hours of sleep tonight, so I will now shut up and aim for 7. Okay? Okay.