Last December, we got a cute kitten who delighted in the Christmas tree. She was so small and cute and gentle, that her climbing to the top of the Christmas tree and posing like the best decoration ever just filled us all with glee.

We considered calling her "Angel", of course, or some other christmas-oriented name, but by January her name had been changed to "Small Puss", "Lulu" and "Motorcycle Rex". Depending on who was talking to her.

She has grown into a very bombastic animal, with none of our favorite catlike qualities. Oh, I used to sit in the hammock every evening and drop a tin-foil ball on the floor every evening and laugh till we all cried at her antics. Frankie, our old cat, would sit on a chair and look stern. If Lulu came over to him, he would look fixedly in the other direction. He was not impressed at all. BUT his tail, of its own accord, hung down and twitched "come hither!" and as the weeks passed Frankie and Lulu became firm friends and wrestling partners.

A year has passed, and Frankie is older, blinder and more toothless. Lulu is big and fat (from eating yummy soft old-cat food) and she has given up being cute and cuddly. She is superior. She doesn't speak to anyone but the Queen. But climbing Christmas trees is still high on her agenda.

The problem is, she is breaking branches! I fear the whole tree is going to come down with a crash of fragile ornaments that survived three toddlers and a puppy! What can I do? I did not anticipate this, is there a home remedy I can use to make the tree less attractive to her?

"Cat repel aerosol" is not available here, and Lulu has a forest of trees outside to play in. She does not NEED to destroy my beautiful Christmas tree!

Please, People of Blogdom, help me out here!

Help me, Obi-Wan! You're my only hope!


witchypoo said…
Citrus peelings! Cats hate em. Go peel an orange in front of kitty and watch it make a disgusted face and flee. I used to tuck my peelings in the garden soil, so they wouldn't use it as a litterbox.