YAY for Fridays!

Today, I helped out at school for "Dollar Day"! It was Max's class' turn, and he says I NEVER help out for his class stuff, and I ALWAYS help out for Chasbo and Sam's class stuff, and that is absolutely true.

Max's class is efficiently run by enthusiastic mommies who are not working. Somehow, most of the kids in the class are eldest kids. In September, there were about SIX mommies who wanted to be class rep, while Chas and Sam's teachers had to call around and beg. So, I have hitherto abandoned Max's school life to these other mommies, who I don't even know. And I don't know all the kids in the class, either!

That is strange for me, since I know every single child in Chas and Sam's classes: their parents, their siblings, who needs help reading, who the great artists are, who is best friends, their dog's name...

So anyway. I helped out at Dollar Day, and it was fun. Afterwards I bought back some leftover cookies and oranges, which I had baked and peeled the night before. I also bought pizza.

At dollar day, Max announced that I was ALSO going to help at library, and read them a story. So I did. I read "Skippyjon Jones" by Judy Schachner. It's a GREAT story, about a Siamese kitten who is put to bed by his mother and told to "think about it, young man!" and turns into a chihuahua and has a wild imaginary adventure with a bunch of Spanish-speaking imaginary Amigos. The kids loved it, and there is a poem or two with "clap clap" bits, for clapping along. We did that bit a few times, till we got the clapping right.

Afterwards, I did a few boring errands, grabbed lunch, and went back to school to watch gymnastics/hang out with other moms and teachers. It was nice not to go to work, and I only had a few twinges of guilt, quickly ignored.

Then, we went to Debs' house, to hang out because its Friday!! The kids all played video games and chess, watched sponge bob (I HATE that dumb show!) And Chas tried to work out Mika's "Grace Kelly" on the cuatro.

Debs and I watched 72 back-to-back episodes of CSI, and drank cups of tea. Little Alex borrowed my car keys, water bottle and shoes, and said "Bye!" he is 2and a half, and I love that age. My nephew, "other Alex" as we call him, is 5 months old and I can't wait for him to get bigger!

At about eight o'clock, I organized a search party for my keys, water bottle and shoes, and we came home. It was a good day.