Christmas Cheer!

My sister is here! Her boyfriend Daniel came too. They figured "who needs a house anyway? Saving money is for sissies!" just kidding! They keep going outside to stand in the sun, and we will probably go to the beach on boxing day so that they can work on a tan. I will send frolicking-in-the-waves vibes out to all and sundry.

I have 12 presents to wrap,
11 pots and pans to wash,
10 pounds of pork ribs in the oven,
9 more batches of fudge to make,
8 piles of laundry to fold,
7 places to go tomorrow,
6 things I have just remembered to buy,
5! Heaps! of! dog hair!
4 beers left,
3 my brother and his wife and baby visiting,
2 aching feet from last night,

And a seeerious need for a nap!

I know that I am not alone in this, so here is my Christmas Greeting:

ENJOY IT ALL! Dance around the kitchen, eat too much, and hug your children. (and any other children who will accept it!) (oh, and your friends, who will say "eew, I am sweaty, go away!) Let the dog hairs collect in dark corners, and sing carols loudly! I know that I will be too busy to internet till, oh, January? But then I will have a REAL computer and will post pictures. So here's signing out till then!



Anonymous said…
I know you will have a wonderful holiday, but I wish it for you anyway. Let me know when you need help with your new machine. maybe Santa will spring for web hosting!
Unknown said…
Merry Christmas! See ya in January!
Mommi Tutu said…
Merry merry Christmas Nan! Hope the holidays treat you kindly:)