the Christmas concert, and all the fun stuff

We just got home, from the School Christmas Concert. It was lovely. I painted beards on to all the little shepherds (Max was SO EXCITED that he was a shepherd in the nativity scene! When I asked him what he was, he did a dance and said (badum bum) "A SHEPHERD!")

Not everyone will get why that is funny. So we will move on.

Sam's class was dressed in peace signs, and sang "we are the world". They did a good job. Chasbo's class was brilliant in top hats and canes, dancing to "New York!" the boys all had on silver tail coats, and their dance routine was excellent.

I was so proud! But my favorite part of the show is afterwards, when you see little friends and whisper to them: "OH, my gosh! You? Were THE. BEST. Angel/bear/shepherd I have EVER seen!" I love the GLOW you get from them! Those kids had such fun! I wish I could be more involved with the whole production, but it ain't possible, nohow.

Tomorrow is the last day of school! And my last day of work! I will pay Hazel (the most wonderful and talented Hazel) and lock up the studio until January! And any weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth will be ignored. I have a delivery to make on Wednesday, my final delivery for the year. No kiln disasters will be tolerated.

I love my job.

So from Friday, I can start wrapping and sorting and tidying and throwing out junk. My shopping is done, Sean will do all of the last minute mad stuff. How many days left? AAAAAK! I have tons of fudge to make, my skin-and-blister arrives on the 19th, (JOY!) Sean's arrives on the 20th, Claudette arrives and will be chained to the stove until she shows me the secret of divinity. We have 8,752 things we have to go to. I have cooking and baking to do. I have stuff to wear, including funny hats. I should get a trim, and maybe paint my toenails. By the way, I just superglued my broken big toenail. Is this okay? Will I get a rash? Will my toenail stick permanently to my toe? Will I be in surgery having my toe amputated by January? I should know. Be honest with me.


Anonymous said…
I've super glued my big toe nail many times after carnival... my toe never fell off... just the nail. It did seem to heal better when left alone though, like without the glue. You can always buy stick-on toe-nails and attach it to the part that hasn't fallen off. I bought them at Wonderful World and they lasted for about a week or so after my wedding.

Good luck!