cocoa tea!

Hi, all you friends and family in cold climes! Oh, and hi, all you blog readers! You want a cup of cocoa tea? You know how it makes a skin of chocolate on top, with little drops of cocoa butter floating around and in between? Then you slurp the top off, and burn your tongue just a little, and it is all creamy fatty sweet yumminess all the way down? With gritty dregs of cocoa bean to chew between your front teeth, right at the bottom? This is the real thing. It takes work to make (unless you are me and you sit and chat while Kelly does the grating, boiling, stirring, and adding), and it takes a long time to drink because it is HOT!

Mmmm, smell that. It's nutmeg and stuff. Some people have to pay plenty money for "organic" ingredients, but this stuff is 100 percent organic and it grew right here. It is the absolute yummiest thing in the world. Hot, sweet bliss in a cup. You want some? We have plenty! Sorry, you can't buy this in the mall, but if you check the shop down the road here in Brasso Seco, you might get lucky.

The boys drank cocoa tea till they couldn't fit any more, then they licked as far down into their mugs as possible, then they stuck their fingers down to the very bottoms of the mugs and licked their fingers.

It's that good. Don't worry Ailis, I'll get some for you! We will drink cocoa-tea while we admire my beee-ooo-tee-ful Christmas tree.


Mommi Tutu said…
Oh my goodness it sounds soooooo yummy! I wish I had a cup today - we have tons of SNOW!