drat and double-drat. and bah, humbug.

You know the kind of runny nose that actually RUNS and the drips hang on the end of your nose, and they are COLD? Then, because you are washing dishes and your hands are soapy, you have to sort of wipe the drips on your sleeve where the layers begin to coagulate grossly? For some reason, I am also farting more than usual. Like, every time I sneeze.

You know? The kind of sneezes that build up for a long time, and you stand there with an idiotic expression on your face waiting for it, hoping not to drop the entire roasting-pan full of a large ham and about 4 gallons of hot drippings. The kids will be having a crisis, calling "Mum! Where is she? Mum!" and either the sneeze will retreat back into my head forever, gumming up my brain completely, or it will expell itself all over the ham and the unsuspecting child, who will look at their sneezing, farting, dishevelled mother in disbelief.

And my head? Feels like it's full of STUFF. But it can't be, because it is pouring out constantly.

I stand/sit/lie there, and say "brig be a dabkid. Gwig!" and the kids tear the house apart. I sweat, but my feet are cold. I hate being sick. Hate it, hate it!


Candygirlflies said…
Greetings back atcha, Nan-- I'm so glad we've found each other via "Wiping Up Snot"... Rather apt, from the sounds of YOU these days!!

Poor thing ((hug)).

If it makes you feel any better, I've got bronchitis at the moment... I cough and hack and wheeze till I lose control of my bodily functions. Not pretty. Rawther damp, actually.

So, you're not alone! I'm snivelling in the trenches, along side you!

Hope to hear from you again!

Feel better, CGF xo
witchypoo said…
You blog from a Blackberry?
Anonymous said…
Poor you...

Maybe for christmas i should bring you.....

A nice new strain of European influenza. The kind that starts with a
raging sore throat that you can't even swallow which lasts for a
week! Then if you're like me it goes to your head and all you want to
do is close your eyes and go to sleep b/c everything looks blurry
anyway. And then just as you think it couldn't get any worse your
nose starts to run and when i say run i mean a steady stream non-stop
which starts to sting in the sore parts of your upper lip and
nostrils where you have rubbed so much with the tissues. Meanwhile,
you get the feeling of wanting to sneeze but instead it goes into
your head and explodes making your eyes water and head spin.

Your welcome to this experience. Great fun!

Ailis xx