fortunately, next week will be better

I have had a crazy week. Have I said that already? Have I been saying that for weeks? For example, the wonderful guy who makes my wooden frames was supposed to meet me on Monday but Monday was crazy all around. Tuesday I was supposed to meet Sean to sign something at the bank, and that should have taken an hour or so, right? Well, it didn't. It took the ENTIRE DAY! And that was just fine, I mean, I don't mind hanging around waiting for three hours while you go to license office, because even though you could have done it any other day, ya know, I have nothing else to do. And I sure don't mind being so late for the kids that I have to cancel my plans for the afternoon and take everyone for an expensive fast-food dinner, because hey, life is a party. Wednesday and Thursday I worked like a madwoman, trying to catch up and be creative at the same time. I am planning on writing a book: "unlock your creativity, even while panicking about getting it all done and nagging and feeling overwhelmed!" Plus get groceries, buy new tops for not-working stove, clean (kinda), cook, make 15 bags of fudge for school bazaar, and deal with boys who are by now sick of school and have to be nagged to do homework, get out of bed, bathe, breathe, etc. Didn't we have a dentist appointment somewhere in there? Hope not, because we missed it. Maybe its next week.

I have been whiny, nagging, overworked, sleep-deprived and fed up. The traffic everywhere her been dreadful. School pick-ups are an adventure. Healthy meals are a miracle. Bedtime stories are sporadic and hurried. I cannot even remember Friday, it is a blur. But I know that I got the frames, bought the 40 shirts for the school concert, went downtown for fabric and other supplies, took the boys to the hairdresser, stayed up late staining wood and mounting tiles into frames for a craft sale Saturday. Got the cash float, did groceries, forgot dishwashing liquid again, and was happy that it was all over. Friday, yay!

On Saturday I tried to get my oven to work. I failed, and then we went to Chaguanas to collect Fatima, a catering place in Aranguez for Fatima to collect food for birthday party, school bazaar, craft sale, back to my sister-in-law's where the party was to pick Fatima up, to go back to Chaguanas to drop her home, to go home.

Today the boys have to do their homework, and I have to do a mountain of laundry and a ton of other stuff but I have a cold and I feel like crap. Planning on writing a book: "how to do way too much and stay up too late so you get whatever virus is going around". I will get up, of course, and do whatever I can, because a woman has gotta do it all, and pander to everyone's whims and moods. The ham is in mum's oven, because I cannot get mine to work. And the part is not available, of course, because everyone needs to run out and buy a new oven every 5 years or so. Isn't that great? Why has everything broken down? The fridge will be next, because I really need my turkey, pork, etc. To defrost before Christmas week.

Life is so peachy.

I had better go. The boys are doing homework in the kitchen and having a conversation about who can write better with their feet.