HOW long?

Have you ever thrown a couple of chickens in the oven to bake, and then a whole bunch of people drop by unexpectedly, and you think "aha! I am so groovy, I can feed them all!" and then the chickens take HOURS and HOURS to bake, so you end up giving the kids yesterday's leftover chops, and still the chickens aren't done, until everyone is drunk and saying "bye!" and then you go "oh, look, the chickens are done!" and it is TOO LATE! Because everyone is full. It was the miracle of the wild rice and the lamb chops. So tomorrow, leftover chicken. I am through cooking. DOWN WITH COOKING! LEFTOVERS RULE!


witchypoo said…
I have totally done that.
Except nobody ate because they had too much likker.
And the cleanup was a nightmare.
Unknown said…
I have never done that, no. ;)