Issa is here! He is staying till Thursday night, and slipped back into the family with instant perfect fit. They all ran about playing a skateboard/super soaker/football game with a lot of very complicated rules, and then all had to get into the bottom bunk where they swore four boys could sleep together. They giggled there till nine o'clock, when I separated them into separate beds.

Issa has grown, but he is the same as ever. I love that boy. I miss him so, but I am happy for him that he has such a great family now. His aunt and uncle are good people, and will always do the right thing. His new "sisters" are lovely, smart girls.

It is hard to let a child go, when you have been such a huge part of his life for such a long time. I still expect to walk into his school and have his teacher hand me his books and a list of stuff that he needs help with. It is strange to think that if he has to be rushed to a doctor for an injury or illness, I probably won't even know about it! Weird. But that is life. It goes in phases and cycles. And it's all good.