ode to Claudie

Yesterday, Jodi-Ann and Dominic got married. Jodi looked so beautiful, and they were both so happy! We danced like maniacs!

I met Jodi-Ann when she was about one day old. The story goes that I held one end of her, and her brother Jude (Baby Dood, a year younger than me) held the other end, and we pulled, "My Baby! No, MY baby! MY BABY!!", until responsible adults came running to the rescue of the screaming infant.

In spite of that traumatic beginning, Jodi-Ann has turned out fine, or better than fine, being a wonderful, brilliant, happy, self-confident, accomplished young lady and I am very VERY proud to be associated with her and her wonderful family. Jude and I outgrew each other as soon as he realised that I was a (yuck!) girl, and he hung out with my little brother instead. BUT I have naked pictures of us together, playing in a laundry basin. So he had better remain on good terms with me forever. He was a very cute toddler, and his SON is a picture of him at that age. On Christmas day, it was such fun to be with Jude and his lovely family, just like Christmasses so many years ago!

Jude and Jodi's Mum, Claudette, is one of my Mum's dearest friends. She is one of the most wonderful people I know, and someone whos advice I have always followed. She has been a guiding light in my life, and I hope that my own children have such wonderful influences in their lives as I have had. (I think they do!) Claudette is loving, hilarious, and solid as a rock. She has this overflowing well of love and enthusiasm for people, life, places, her job, cooking... Claudette is beautiful. She makes me feel that no matter what, no matter how life pisses on you, you can get above it and maintain a sense of humour, and do what is right. And when I see how my Mum and her dear friend love each other, I am so glad for them, and for our families who are blessed by such friendship.

I will miss you Claudie, your visit was too short. Come back soon!


Anonymous said…
I can't believe I missed Dominic's wedding :( I WANT PICTURES!!! Dominic and I had a pact when we were teenagers that if neither of us was married by 28, we would marry each other. Then we moved that deadline to 35 I think, when we were in our 20's and realized that 28 aint old. Well I guess that's 1 pact we don't have to keep (whew). I mean, I love Doms.. he's my buddy! But...

Anyhoo... it's nearly 2008 here in Tallinn... and if those *beeeeeping* fireworks wake Zara up, these Estonians will see a damn vex trini mudder!

I guess you guys are partying it up. Mikael, Mom and I are watching a marathon of Myth Busters. WHOOO HOOOOO... I can hardly contain myself with excitement.