parental controls, oh yeah!

My children have been staring at a large, wide computer screen for three days. They are having trouble unwinding to fall asleep at night, and meals are a rushed affair-their plan is to finish first and rush back to "Bee Movie Game" or "Rally Racer" or whatever. Chores? Forget chores. Bedrooms have been half-tidied, and my car has certainly NOT been vacuumed, contrary to other reports.

I think that deep down, they know this cannot last. Yesterday, when I suggested that Sam spend his Christmas money on a couple of joysticks for games, he and the other boys and my husband looked at me with a mixture of shocked delight and mild concern. (Has Mum lost her mind? Has she been replaced by a pod person? THIS is GREAT!)

They sped off before I could change my mind, returning later with vibrating joysticks for a better racing experience.

My girlfriend Kelli (not brasso seco Kelly) came over with her two boys, and they joined the line of heads facing the computer. We figured it was GREAT, and painted each others toenails with hardly an interruption. Sam came over at one point to see what was keeping us so engrossed, and he is now sporting bright red toenails too. He looks lovely, they match the weird new skateboard. He does handstands to show them off.

I have been reading instruction manuals and waiting for internet. Maybe next week? Fingers crossed!