playing hooky

'Tis the season to be overworked, tired, and all that. So, today, we are taking a day off! YAY!

So. Today, the boys and I are going to take the long drive up and up into Brasso Seco,

watching the temperature drop on the thermometer on the dashboard, and getting further and further AWAY from the traffic jams, school projects, over-excitement, lists of things to do, and late nights of the season!

We will stay the night with our friends Carl and Kelly, and little Khalil and Kamala, in a village that has never heard of Power Rangers, Transformers or Malls. I have been instructed to bring corn meal, cheese and green paint. Green paint? I had better take some little gold stars and stuff too, sounds like a craft project! We will probably do a short hike, too, to remind ourselves that while the malls are crawling with stressed shoppers, there are still waterfalls thundering down into crystal pools full of wildly-coloured crayfish.

It will be chilly tonight, but we will drink REAL cocoa-tea, made from grated toasted cocoa beans, and nutmeg and cloves that are GROWING OUTSIDE!

Nyah, nyah, na nyah, nyah!

Last night, we went to see Savonetta School's annual Pantomime. This year, Alice In Wonderland. It was FANTASTIC, as usual, and it is on tonight (Friday) at Naparima Bowl again if anyone is interested. How Ruth St. Louis does it every year is a wonderment to me: EVERY CHILD in the 180-child school has a line. They project their voices, wait for the audience to finish laughing or clapping, they dance, the little kindergardeners do the hokey pokey or whatever and make you cry, they improvise when the curtain closes behind instead of in front... It is a show totally worth seeing, and a wonderful experience for all of the performers. Issa and Michael are cards/gardeners this year, and were brilliant of course!

Yesterday, when we got home from school/work, Sean had been to buy more lights and he and Chas went and lit up the flamboyant tree. It looks SO PRETTY that I am almost tempted not to go anywhere this weekend. Sam and Max and I began decorating the tree. I explained that each decoration must go on a separate branch, etc, but Max put them all on one branch anyway, as usual. I moved them around, and he didn't mind.

The super glue and contact cement were poised and waiting, but only 2 decorations needed sticking, which must be a record.

I like the way this post is written in anti- chronological order.

So! I am going to PACK! Hiking shoes, warm jammies, trail mix, green paint, etc.

Chas is in a state of excited organization, packing an enormous backpack with enough supplies to last him till Christmas! Maybe I should leave him there...


Mommi Tutu said…
Hi just popped in to say Hi! Not sure exactly how I got here, but sounds like you've got a great weekend planned - I'm jealous! Enjoy the hike with the boys and cocoa-tea & quiet separation from the rat-race.