recharged and ready for anything!

Allo! Our batteries have all been recharged. Thank you Kelly, thank you Carl! Thank you, Khalil and Kamala! Imagine, we spent such a lovely long time together and no-one said "have you finished your shopping?" or "oh I am so stressed" or "I want".

I initially began by collapsing in a heap and letting work, the sore-throaty virus, shopping, lack of sleep, housework, decorating, visiting and cooking wash out of me, through the floor and into the red earth. Then it seeped into the river and washed all the way down to the sea where it was pounded against the rocks until it gave up.

Kelly made a series of delicious soups full of whatever was growing out there, which warmed the soul.

We did a short hike yesterday, stopping at a favorite bend in the Paria river where the boys caught crayfish which are now in the aquarium, temporarily. The other fish have been temporarily re-housed in a container. The crayfish are for Chas' partner-in-aquarium and Sean's buddy, Danny.

We saw some mushrooms shaped like perfect coral-pink wine glasses, and some like tiny pure-white spheres on long stems. We saw a couple of snakes, and many friendly beetles.

Sam's Tevas were strapped onto his backpack (he's getting so strong! And such a man! And now I don't have to carry anything, because my 2 older manly sons carry it all in manly backpacks!) while he walked up the river. Suddenly, he realised that they were GONE! We had to walk WAY back down the river to find them, but find them we did... At least Carl did. Sam and I just held hands and walked happily along. Yay for Tevas, because they float! Sam was chest-deep in water a few times, and suddenly he said "your phone (which is the only camera I have) is in a waterproof bag, right?" it was a panicky moment, but it was securely stowed and watertight.

We stopped at "Miss V"'s house, and bought some cocoa balls on the way out of Brasso Seco Village. Any visitors over the season will get cocoa tea!

On the drive home yesterday, we all saw clouds shaped like a dragon, a girl with pigtails getting a piggy-back ride, a man smoking, and a racecar. The sun set behind tall anvil-shaped clouds that must have been way over Venezuela, making them all gold-rimmed and gloriously rayed. The clouds must have been there all along, but we just hadn't noticed them.