thanks, sweet Samwise!

Sam was finishing up some homework this morning. We dropped Chas and Max to school, and pulled up at the new "Super Pharm" in Maraval, and I read over his shoulder.

The assignment was to write three sentences for each word, using past, present and future tense. The words were "see", "forget" and "swim". With each sentence, I was laughing harder and I figured Sam had just written my post for the day.

Makes me wanna go teach 8-year-olds full time!

1. I SAW an elephant in Elephantartica.

2. I WILL SEE an elephant in Elephafrica.

3. I SEE elephants everywhere!

4. I FORGOT the other places that I have seen elephants.

5. I WILL FORGET to do my homework, unless it is about elephants.

6. I cannot bring my elephants to school because I FORGET them at home.

7. Elephants SWIM in their trunks.

8. My elephants WILL SWIM, any chance they get!

9. Dinosaurs SWAM with my elephants, sixty billion years ago!

Oh, and the date at the top of the page? 1912. I asked him why, and he said "Titanic sank, ya know."

Now, that's random.