Ah, vacations. Today we leaped out of bed early, and spent the day paying attention to our house, back porch, laundry, tools, and all the other stuff that has been disappearing under the dust, cobwebs, mildew and chicken poop of life. Even the dog got combed and snuggled, which made her very happy. 105 FM was playing parang (Trini Christmas music) all morning, which is excellent cleaning/dancing around the house music.

We worked hard today, and as it has been fairly cool (for a tropical island, okay?) and drizzly (8 inches of rain so far for December, looks like there's hope for that yearly-average!), we are now rewarding ourselves with cocoa-tea. Sam has his nose buried in "Tintin" books.

Nobody can get into bed, because of the piles of (clean, folded) laundry, but the boys are so thrilled to see clean clothes! Chas slept in one of MY Tshirts last night, and I believe Sam wore the day before's socks to school yesterday. We had finally reached the point of maximum stinkiness. Jeans that could walk off by themselves. Wearing underwear that's NOT our comfy favorites. You know, THE LAST pair of undies. What a lousy housekeeper I have been lately!

Sean has bought himself another guitar, because babe, we can NEVER have enough guitars! Now that we have two or three for every member of the family and some left over for our friends, I think we had better build a huge rack to hang all of them up. Actually, it is a great Carvin Semi-Acoustic Guitar that was damaged in a shipment, but not badly. So Sean's buddy who owns the shop called him up and gave him a great deal. Who could pass that up? Sean is experimenting and playing every song ever written, to see how it sounds. Sounds great to me!

Sharon and her family, as you may have guessed, are in Canada for the holidays. LUCKY THINGS! They have been emailing to say that everything is so PRETTY and the SNOW is such FUN! I hope they get frostbite. Their two dogs, two cats, and twenty-seven fish are not missing them at all.

Shar, Frodo is galloping around like a puppy, so he is totally fine. If he starts to look low, I will call the vet. I put some negasunt powder on his back leg. They ate like starving cannibals, as usual, and were sad to see us (me and Sam) go. No sign of Jinx, she will turn up. I will send you updates as part of a blog post, otherwise I will confuse myself... The freezer is plugged in. Everything else is unplugged. Is that okay? Oh, Max is TOTALLY extatic about his John Deere tractor. He keeps rushing in to show me new features! Tell his Uncle Chris, THANK YOU!

The cat has completely given up climbing the Christmas Tree, thanks to "witchypoo"'s excellent advice about cats hating citrus. This really works, people! Thank you, and gee, how did you know we have dozens of grapefruit, orange, lime and portugal trees? Must be psychic or something! Hee!

I am having trouble with my connection to the net at the moment... We often have trouble at home, we are so far from civillization. Which, during this time of Christmas Overdo and Nenen Drivers, is kinda a good thing.


witchypoo said…
I didnt know,but I knew that they no longer used my garden beds as a litterbox when I put citrus peels in the dirt.
Mommi Tutu said…
How wonderful to get so much done today! Clean laundry is wonderful, but not nearly as good as vacation! Enjoy.