Sean and I are going to a company dinner, very fancy. I am trying not to smudge my toenails.

MY SISTER arrives tonight!

Max stayed at Bunty's house today while Sam and I picked Chas up at music practice. Max called me 8 times to say "where ARE you?" he is suffering from overexcitement.

The choir is sounding almost bearable, and the song they were singing brought tears to my eyes. It was all about the world being a rainbow, and the kids in the choir are every colour of the rainbow. I never really realised that before, it was pretty cute.

The kids have had a shower, and they have run out into the mud to see if MY SISTER has arrived up the hill. Mud is good.

We have fixed up the MILES of wooden train track, to go around the Christmas tree. There is a small village, and Frankie the old cat has made himself a cosy bed amongst the presents. He looks very happy.

Chas figures that his butt-cheeks are about a semitone apart, thus rendering them useless as a percussion instrument.


Anonymous said…
He doesn't need his butt cheeks to be a percussion instrument, I expect he has a wind instrument nearby ;)