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Ah, leftovers!

Yesterday was Sean's birthday, and we had a get-together at his mother's house. I cooked a bunch of goodies, Sean really likes my turkey and stuffing, and no, we're not sick of turkey! Fatima cooked another bunch, and Aunty Saadia even made her world-famous macaroni pie. Then "Picks" pulled up with two enormous pots of cow heel soup.

(Sorry Teresa, don't mean to make you miss us. Really, nobody turned up and the food was lousy, okay?!)

(Just don't read any further!)

Everybody came, and the party went on, in shifts, till after 4.00 this morning. I went to bed before midnight, otherwise I would have turned back into a pumpkin! As it is, I am not firing all plugs today.

This morning I dropped the kids to school, and went back to Fatima's house to clean up the detritus (we spent the night). I am pleased to say that there are leftovers, so cooking will be pretty easy for the rest of the week!

There were no leftover cheezy-thingies, because as fast as they came out of the oven they were devoured by kids and men, and women who proclaimed that "those are evil! Take them away! Oh, alright I'll have a fifth one."


Several bags of hot dog rolls, or french bread if you want to be all classy

A lot of cheeze, grated (we use cheddar)

Mayo, mustard, basil, garlic powder etc. Onions? Olives? Whatever.

Cayenne pepper if you want them spicy, but kids love these so you might not

Cut bread into round slices, about quarter to half inch thick, and lay on baking sheets.

Mix all other ingredients together to make a paste, and slap it on the bread rounds.

Bake in 350 oven, till melted and slightly crunchy.

Warning! HOT!


Thank you Sharon, for this wonderful recipe! Now, to get through the rest of the afternoon, and put everyone to bed early. I am DROOPING!


Anonymous said…
I'm covering my eyes. I just made a batch of English toffee, and am in deep trouble now.
Anonymous said…
BlueBella said…
All this talk about food - - YUMMMM!
Now get some sleep, Nan! You party animal:)
I'm inviting myself to one of your parties someday. . . they sound fantastic!
Nan Sheppard said…
mmmmm, food! This isn't meant to be a food blog, but I do seem to talk about it all the time! And I'm not going to be modest about the parties... Around here, we know how to party! I called about four people on Monday and said "Sean's birthday tomorrow, tell everyone to meet at Fatima's house" and forty or fifty people showed up with their drinks! THEY know how to make a party happen! Cheezy-thingies help too.